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Elwood: What kind of music do you usually have here?
Claire: Oh, we got both kinds. We got country *and* western.
- The Blues Brothers

This ain't your Dad's country music. It's your Granddad's! None of that new Nashville bullshit either.

Both Kinds of Music digs deep to find musical ephemera from Country Legends, Seasoned Pros and Fresh Upstarts.

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The Both Kinds of Music Gift Guide Part 2

More of the fine items that would make great gifts for the country music lover in your life. Again, any purchases made through Amazon links help make Both Kinds of Music a little (very little) dough. 

50 and 50 State Motto Print - Various - $22.88 - Who isn’t loyal to their state? Even Federalists have to call somewhere home. Find yours or one you admire. 50 to choose from. Sorry, DC and Guam - yer outta luck. 

Hee Haw DVD Collection - $70 - Let’s face it, whoever is running the Hee Haw empire (such as it is), is olllllllld school. The chances of the show making it to Hulu anytime soon are slim to none. Until then, get your country corn with a helping of classic performances.

Honky-Tonk Heroes and Hillbilly Angels - Laura Levine - $5 - Real cheap on Amazon for nice illustrations of classic performers.

ABC&W: The Country and Western Alphabet - Paul McNeil and Barry Divola - $22.99 - D is for Dolly. J is for Johnny. E is for Essential.

Johnny Cash Ostrich Attack Print - Erica Jane Mallette - $15 - One of my favorite images I’ve run across this year. She also has prints of Hank, George and Dolly. Good stuff. 

Shotgun Willie TShirt - Willie Nelson - $24 - The classic shirt can now be yours. 

Handmade Guitar Strap - Jonny Fritz - $150+ - Not only does he make kickass music, he’s also a fine leather artist. Shovels & Rope and Dwight Yoakum wear his straps, why not you?

Custom Jean Jacket - Gull & Marie - $50 - My next door neighbor buys vintage jean jackets and sews different materials to the back - serapes, ikats, etc. 

High Top Mountain MP3/CD/LP - Various - Sturgill Simpson - One of the year’s best albums should be in your collection. I think it’s one that’ll stand the test of time. 

Come Cry With Me MP3/CD/LP - Various - Daniel Romano - Another fine album from 2013. Totally different from Sturgill, but as country as anything I heard this year.

Back with one more installment tomorrow.

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