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Both Kinds of Music Holiday Gift Guide Part 3

I gotta start making my list earlier next year. As in before Thanksgiving. Soooo many cool things out there. Should you buy anything on this list that links to Amazon, you’re helping Both Kinds of Music out just a wee bit and I thank you for it.

You Are My Sunshine Sign - Pioneer House - $13 - Actually, anything from Pioneer House would make a great gift. 

Sweet Heart of the Rodeo Patch - Cypress Cowboy - $45 - You know the picture of the jacket that’s been going around? Turns out…that patch is for sale. They also sell the Sin City patch on the Gram Parsons page. Or get a Sweet Heart of the Rodeo t-shirt for $20.

Wall-mounted Bottle Opener - William Elliott Whitmore - $26.00 - Let WEW help you with your beer while he serenades you with some banjo and baritone. 

Coal Miner’s Daughter T-Shirt - Loretta Lynn - $25 - You might be poor, but you’ll have the love of everyone with this fine shirt. 

Waylon Jennings Ring - Official Waylon Jennings Shop - $34.99 - Seems like a bargain for a ring this damn cool.

Encyclopedia of Country Music - Country Music Hall of Fame - $47.23 - Over 1,200 entries. The Carter Family to Taylor Swift and everything in between. I mean everything. Essential to anyone who wants to know a little or a lot about country music.

Honky Tonk: Portraits of Country Music - Henry Horenstein - $35.84 - Portraits of Dolly, Jerry Lee and Tammy along with shots of Nashville in the 70s. It’s an essential time capsule of a long-gone era. 

Watercolor Print - Chandler O’Leary - $30 - Drawn The Road Again is one of my favorite blogs (and it’s not even a tumblr…shhhh!). One of the finest watercolor artists I’ve seen and she a total pop culture/weird America nerd. 

Spotify Gift E-Card - Various - Give the gift of unlimited commercial-free music. In fact, I know someone who would really appreciate it. (hint, hint).

Johnny Cash Forever Stamps - USPS - $7.36 - Quick! Before they’re gone for good. 

How am I out of photos already? I still have more gift ideas! Oh well, there’s always next year. Anyhow, get out there and consume…consume, I say!

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