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Down on the Bikini Line

Jonny “Corndawg” Fritz - Chevy Beretta

Jonny Fritz - Fools & Sages

On WDVX’s Blue Plate Special. So much love for this song. 

Jonny Fritz (nee Corndawg) - Fools and Sages

Sometimes songs don’t resonate until you hear them live. Case in point. 


(via Hipster Irony Goes Country with Jonny Corndawg « Saving Country Music)

When I first saw Jonny Corndawg’s Down on the Bikini Line album come across the wires this summer, with this dude’s ironic name, the ironic album cover and title, and a track list of ironic songs, I didn’t even give it a sniff. Go ahead, accuse me of judging a book by it’s cover, but whenThe Nashville Scene anointed this guy an “Outlaw”, compared him to David Allan Coe and Down on the Bikini Line to Coe’s Penitentiary Blues, I knew I couldn’t avoid taking a deeper look and listen any longer.

Jonny Corndawg, or whatever his real name is, is not a cowboy, he’s a marathon-running hipster making fun of you and me and rural country culture with his ironic getup and cornpone songs. And when I say “hipster” I mean take-your-iMac-down-to-the-local-coffee-shop-and-pontificate-loudly-about-micro-loans-to-battered-African-women-to-get-laid-by-anthropogy-majoring-college-girls-looking-to-rebel-against-their-Judea-Christian-upbringing hipster. It’s all irony folks, the cover, the songs, the hat, the boots, his leather-clad guitar with the Chevy emblem on it, it’s all designed to poke fun at country culture, and not in a way that is either enlightening, respectful, or that carries a message. It’s for attention.

Hey, I run, have a healthy distaste for irony and love anyone who makes good country music. Jonny doesn’t make my bullshit-o-meter doesn’t go off. Sure he’s goofy and lives in Brooklyn, but that doesn’t make him inauthentic. Go read the article (along with the comments, where Jonny chimes in) and judge for yourself. 

Now you want to feel cheated, wait until I finish my review of the Little Willies record. 

Man, I never get to see Jonny playing on the streets of NY. 


jonny corndawg ain’t it your birthday