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Claire: Oh, we got both kinds. We got country *and* western.
- The Blues Brothers

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Down on the Bikini Line

Jonny “Corndawg” Fritz - Chevy Beretta


I finally finished this leather covered telecaster today. 

You know who can make you some custom coolass leather guitar covers while singing you great country music? Jonny Fritz.

Something to look forward to in 2014 - a updated version of the original film 35 years later with the old artists mingling with the new ones. I’d heard rumblings of this for a while, but good to see that it’s finally rolling toward release.

Featuring John McCauley, Jonny Fritz, Shovels & Rope, Guy Clark, Langhorne Slim, Steve Young, Josh Hedley, Bobby Bare, Jr. David Allan Coe and more. 

Hopefully they’ll make the trailer embeddable soon, but for now check it out on their site. 

Just scored an interview with Jonny Fritz tomorrow night! Now I gotta stay cool and try not to get all creepster fanboy. 

If you’re around, come see him and Langhorne Slim at Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa. (Also at the Troubadour tonight, but I ain’t going to Hollywood.)

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Jonny Fritz,
Dad Country

Jonny Fritz - Goodbye Summer

I spent the first day of fall in the mountains where it was about 40° overnight and somehow didn’t die of exposure with the limited amount of gear; a pretty memorable goodbye to summer. Though to be fair, I’m pretty sure I don’t need to brace for brisk fall weather back here in Los Angeles. 

Anyway, Fritzy has his own song for the occasion.

Jonny Fritz - Trash Day

Jonny Fritz - Goodbye Summer

Pure Fritzy.

Hey Jonny Fritz, ain’t it your birthday?!!

Wish the former Corndawg a Happy Birthday.

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Jonny Fritz,
Dad Country

Jonny Fritz - Ain’t It Your Birthday

New album, Dad Country, due April 16th. 

Jonny Fritz

Jonny Fritz - Fools & Sages

On WDVX’s Blue Plate Special. So much love for this song. 

Jonny Fritz (nee Corndawg) - Fools and Sages

Sometimes songs don’t resonate until you hear them live. Case in point. 

Scenes from Bristol Rhythm and Roots Day 2. Also, I need to learn how to take pictures. Can you say amateur?