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Elwood: What kind of music do you usually have here?
Claire: Oh, we got both kinds. We got country *and* western.
- The Blues Brothers

This ain't your Dad's country music. It's your Granddad's! None of that new Nashville bullshit either.

Both Kinds of Music digs deep to find musical ephemera from Country Legends, Seasoned Pros and Fresh Upstarts.

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Available today! www.kathrynlegendre.bandcamp.com

There are people like myself who consume country music and there are those who actually have talent and create it for us. Kathryn is one of the latter. Fantastic song.

She’s also started a new tumblr called Quarters for the Jukebox, which has all sorts of great stuff.

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Uncle Monk

Uncle Monk - Happy Tune

Tommy Ramone, along with Claudia Tienan, made up the bluegrass duo Uncle Monk.

Godspeed, Tommy.

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Kev Russell's Junker,
Almost You: The Songs Of Elvis Costello

I’m officially over fireworks for the year. Except for this song. You’ve had your fun America. Pack it up and go home.


Kev Russell’s Junker - Indoor Fireworks 

Really outstanding Elvis Costello cover.

Kev is Shinyribs and a member of The Gourds.

B.W goes C & W in it’s entirety.

Some band should approach Charles Bradley or Lee Fields to see if they want to do a country/soul project because this rules.

RIP Bobby Womack

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"Y’know a man started talkin’ to me. He said, ‘Bobby, if I go country, would you go country with me?’ I said, ‘Yep.’"

Ladies and gentlemen, the late, great Bobby Womack.

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New Connection

Todd Snider - Beer Run

Have a fine weekend all!

A new episode of the Both Kinds of Music Show is ready and rarin’ to go. Today I’ve got a couple sets of new music, old favorites and a tribute to country great, Jimmy C. Newman who passed away this week. 

Now until 2PM PT/5PM ET


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Old No.1 / Texas Cookin'

Guy Clark - Let Him Roll

This is one of those songs you need to know the words for the full effect. Few can deliver the songwriting equivalent of the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique like Guy.

Well, he was wino, tried and true.
Done about everything there is to do.
He worked on freighters, an’ he’d worked in bars.
He worked on farms, an’ he’d worked on cars.
It was white port that put that look in his eye,
Grown men get when they need to cry.
We sat down on the curb to rest,
And his head just fell down on his chest.

He says: “Every single day it gets,
"Just a little bit harder to handle and yet…"
Then he lost the thread and his mind got cluttered,
And the words just rolled off down the gutter.

Well, he was elevator man in a cheap hotel,
In exchange for the rent on a one room cell.
An’ he’s old: years beyond his time,
No thanks to the world, and the white port wine.

So he said: “Son.” He always called me son.
Said: “Life for you has just begun.”
An’ then he told me the story I’d heard before
How he fell in love with a Dallas whore.

Now, he could cut through the years to the very night,
When it ended in a whore house fight.
And she turned his last proposal down,
In favor of being a girl about town.

Now it’s been seventeen years, right in line,
He ain’t been straight in none of the time.
It’s too many days of fightin’ the weather,
An’ too many nights of not being together.
So he died.

An’ when they went through his personal effects,
In among the stubs from the welfare checks,
Was a crumblin’ picture of a girl in a door,
And an address in Dallas and nothing more.

An’ the welfare people provided the priest,
A couple from the mission down the street,
Sang “Amazing Grace”, and no one cried,
'Cept some lady in black, way off to the side.

We all left and she’s standing there,
A black veil covering her silver hair.
Ol’ One-Eyed John said her name was Alice,
An’ she used to be a whore in Dallas.

Let him roar, lord, lord het him roll,
I bet he’s gone to dallas rest his soul.
Let him roll, lord, lord let him roar,
He always said that heaven was just a Dallas whore.

Just you let him roar, Lord, let him roll.
I bet he’s gone to Dallas, rest his soul.

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I'm Not There [Original Soundtrack]

John Doe - Pressing On

If you haven’t been to Sunday service, this’ll take care of it.

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Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood,
Nancy & Lee



Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood | Summer Wine

Happy Summer Solstice.

Take off your silver spurs and help me pass the time.

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Musical Shapes

Carlene Carter & Dave Edmunds - Baby Ride Easy

Maybe you heard the Johnny & June version on Out Among the Stars. This is better because…Dave Edmunds and it’s not hokey like all that later year Johnny and June stuff.

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Rub It In

Billy ‘Crash’ Craddock - Rub It In

I would like to point out that this was a #1 hit in 1974. Numberfuckingone.

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Confessions Of A Broken Man

Porter Wagoner - Confessions of a Broken Man

I mean, just look at that cover.

Taken on the back steps of the Grand Ole Opry (what is now the Ryman Auditorium).

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Band of Brothers

Willie Nelson - Band of Brothers

Title track from his new album released today.

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Johnny Cash - Luther Played The Boogie

First song I ever posted.